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Your donations to WGS Ministries enable us to help women like Iffat. Click here to help today.

When our team learned about Iffat, she was close to giving up her faith. She loved the Lord but was often subject to abusive language from her father-in-law and brother-in-law. Sometimes they would beat her. Her father-in-law attempted to put spells on her to get her to turn from Christ, but none of them worked. She held on to Christ, and when our team connected with her, her faith was revived and she now helps us spread the gospel through storytelling.

Recently, she and other team members visited the home of a Hindu priest and his wife. As the priest's wife prepared tea, the team members told him the story of the woman who wept at Jesus' feet. The priest's wife was listening, and she started crying during the story. When the team members asked her why she was crying she said, "I have never heard of such love from a religious holy man to a woman. I have never heard of such forgiveness." Such is the power of storytelling in which Iffat is now engaged!

Iffat is a frail woman with a calcium and iron deficiency. She is the mother of three children, yet despite this, her in-laws do not accept her. Along with all the stressors that Iffat faces, her husband, Naaran became very sick (perhaps with Covid). Iffat asks for prayer - that her husband would grow stronger physically and spiritually and that he will defend her against persecution from his family. Naaran is now learning the stories of the Bible and sharing them with others! Iffat also asks for prayer for her children to receive a good education (not very likely in their world). Pray for her evangelistic outreach as she seeks to win many to Christ. She and her husband are also looking for a new place to live where they can get away from the family's persecution. 

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