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The Sisters of Bethany

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It was a grand day! Jesus had come to our home. I was so excited to do my best for this great man, but when things went wrong in the kitchen, I lost my composure and learned an important lesson from Jesus and my sister about what matters most.

How our family loved Jesus, and how he loved us! When Lazarus, our brother, became deathly ill, we sent word for him to come and heal him. But Jesus arrived late, and Lazarus was four days in his tomb. How our hearts grieved. We did not understand why Jesus had delayed in coming. Then, he said and did something that the whole world must hear!

The men were feasting at a great banquet held for Jesus and his disciples. While they were enjoying the meal, I discerned that difficult days were ahead for Jesus and I did something to honor him. He said my actions would be told around the world for all to hear!

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